1. "Winter", Ali Smith

Scottish writer Ali Smith is working on a series of novels "Seasonal Quartet", in which each book is devoted to a particular season. In "Winter" we will talk about the coldest season, during which we have do our best to survive.

Winter is the time when the world stops and shrinks. The days are getting shorter, the piercing wind blows, the trees are weak, and the water in the rivers freezes until spring. But not everything is that bad. Winter is also a time of magic, long-awaited holidays and a kind of starting point for a new life.

2. "The Milkman", Anna Burns

Northern Ireland, the height of the 1970s. A city whose name no one knows. The main character, an eighteen-year-old girl who calls herself “the middle sister,” secretly meets with an eccentric man named Milkman, about whom little is known.

The girl struggles to hide their connection, but her nephew learns about the affair and begins to spread rumors. Interest in lovers increases dramatically, and this was not at all part of their plans. “The Milkman” is a novel about a multitude of gossips and rumors, and at the same time about silence and deliberate deafness, which had terrible consequences.

3. “My Absolute Daring”, Gabriel Tallent

Julia Alverston, nicknamed The Turtle, lives alone with her father in the American backwater. The girl is strikingly different from ordinary teenagers: she is fluent in survival skills and understands weapons, but she doesn’t get along with people at all. Julia's father is hardly the ideal parent. He starts the morning with a drink, and brings up his daughter according to his own strange system of beliefs.

For a long time, the Turtle does not even suspect that there is something wrong with her family. But one day she makes a friend in Jacob, who by her own example shows what exactly the life and family of a typical happy teenager should be. Julia understands that for many years her father openly mocked her, so she decides to protect herself.

4. “Where the Crawdads Sing”, Delia Owens

In the quiet town of Barkley-Cove for many years rumors circulated about the mysterious Swamp Girl kidnapping people. When dazzling, handsome Chase Andrews was found dead, suspicion immediately fell on unsociable Kia Clark. Local gossip implied that she is the very girl from the legends.

But Kia was not the same as those around her. Undoubtedly, the very fact that the girl lived in the swamps and considered birds as her best friends could have seemed strange to some. However, at the same time, she was a fascinating beauty, who supposedly knows some mystery. Then one day the two young men became seriously interested in Kia. What happened to them later remains a mystery.

5. Middle England, Jonathan Coe

The final part of the trilogy, launched in the novels "The Rotters’ Club" and "The Closed Circle". These three books are a grand canvas, covering a huge layer of the history of Albion from the 1970s to the present day.

"Middle England" is a novel about ordinary people who are trying to survive in a chaotic and strange modern world. About newlyweds who disagree with the future of the country, about a political commentator who writes columns about asceticism from his townhouse in Chelsea, about a middle-aged man who starts his career from scratch.



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