In 2019 readers will be pleased with new detective books. The sheer amount of them will impress even the biggest fans of this genre, and some of the new books will make your heart tremble and will torment you to the very last sentences. So, we have complied a list of the 10 upcoming detective books you should definitely check out.

1. “Deadly Secrets”, Robert Bryndza.

Erica Foster is back in business! There will be ominous figures and murders, it will be familiar, like a blueprint - the killer will name young women as victims, and they will surely get killed on their doorsteps ... Will the detective be able to cope with this? Will he find the mysterious killer with a gas mask on his face?

2. “Here Lies Daniel Tate” Christine Terrill.

What an incredible story! Daniel Tate got lost when he was a child and came back home when he was 16. He just came home! What was it like? And only an attentive reader will immediately understand - the young man only pretends to be Daniel ... What is the secret behind it?

3. “Lethal White”, Robert Galbraith.

And again Cormoran Strike - one and the author's favorite characters. What happened this time? A certain person comes to the office of the detective and admits that a terrible crime happened before their eyes. But the stranger disappeared ... Where should you find him? By the way, the author is our old friend Joan C. Rowling, but under a different pseudonym.

4. “The Witch”, Camilla Lackberg.

A true Scandinavian detective tale - cold, special, with its own character to it. And it all starts with a terrible finding - the body of a little girl. And a little later it will be known that it was two girls like her who killed her. Why they did what they did?

5. “The Plotters”, Kim Un-su.

Korean detective books are at the peak of popularity! In this book, the whole story is built on an urban legend. Tough killers, corpses - and all against the backdrop of Seoul. What a thrilling tale that is.

6. "The Tokyo Zodiac Murders", Soji Shimada.

And this is a psychological detective story. Japanese philosophy left its mark on the author, and he, in turn, on the detective story that he wrote. It turned to be quite an interesting mix of ideas - Japanese mysteries with a detective touch to them. This book is more of an intellectual game, it grips you right in and plays with you.

7. "Knife", Jo Nesbø.

Harry Hole is on the trail again. Fans of this detective could not wait for a new case to be solved! And so here it is! Hole himself wakes up in the morning in bloody clothes ... What’s the reason behind all of it?

8. “Grave dans le sable”, Michelle Bussi.

Charming family vacation, luxurious landscapes and ... a lot of blood. Liana will disappear, and her husband, Marshal and his daughter, will disappear too. Is there a killer? This psychological thriller captures your attention and does not let go until the last word.

9. “La terre des morts”, Jean-Christophe Grange.

In the center of the story are the murdered stripteasers. Disfigured and related. Captain Corso simply has to find the killer. All this is happening in Paris - an excellent backdrop for a psychological detective story!

10. “The Trespasser”, Tana French.

Antoinette Conway and Stephen Moran are now companions. But not everyone likes it, so you have to work under lots of terrible harassment. They get the most boring of cases and feel awful, yet then it goes from 0 to a 100 very fast.



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